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Show Announcement // Kristen Errett: StageIt album release show!

21 May


The lovely Kristin Errett will be performing a live show on StageIt. It is celebrating the iTunes release of her debut album, ‘Confessions of a Songbird’.  It is pay what you can, so you can get a ticket for as little as 10 cents! She puts on Stageit shows regularly and is such a great artist to watch/listen to. It will be a treat for you ears. Go get your ticket now before they sell out!



Who: Kristin Errett

What: Stageit live show // iTunes Release Party

when: Tuesday, May 20th @ 7pm EST

where: Stageit.com

click here to buy tickets!







Weekly Ditty #3

2 Sep
(Every week, Lizzy and Anna are going to post a song that they adore. a song they want the rest of the world to fall in love with… a song that deserves a proper listening to.  Enjoy! )

the song: no such thing as time

artist: elenowen

why you should listen to it: elenowen is a a folk/pop/somewhat country duo consisting of nicole and josh. if you recognize them, it may be because of their appearence on season one of ‘the voice’. yes… i admit… i watch the voice. (sue me… don’t though… poor college student= no money). ‘no such thing as time’ is a digital single released last year. they have a new ep out now, and i highly recommend it. rather than choosing a song off their new ep, i chose this one to review. i adore it, and i think you will too. the song is absolutely adorable. it’s a love song between two people- saying that when they are together, time stops. little  twist though… nicole and josh are married. they are basically, singing to each other… ready… 1,2,3, D’AWWWWW!  their voices blend so well together… they two sing beautifully. it’s as if they’ve been singing together their whole lives. and when they harmonize… it’s just a beautiful/amazing/wonderful treat for your ears. really… everything about the song, and  them, makes you so happy.

where you can get it: .itunes.   .amazon.   .elenowen.


Weekly Ditty #2

1 Sep
(Every week, Lizzy and Anna are going to post a song that they adore. a song they want the rest of the world to fall in love with… a song that deserves a proper listening to.  Enjoy! )

the song: Switzerland

artist: The Last Bison

why you should listen to it: “Switzerland” is The Last Bison’s first single off their debut album, “Quill,” released in September of 2011. I first came across this song through a summer compilation from the wonderful site, Noisetrade. (check Noisetrade out for music that is free LEGALLY, and consider leaving a tip for the musicians that offer you their work for free.)

I first fell in love with the instrumental and vocal components to the song. The tempo changes, the crescendos and decrescendos, the melody, the everything is so powerful that  it seems to control my heart rate and leave me covered in goosebumps by the time it ends. (then you can just hit repeat and listen again so it never has to end….) I guess to put it simply, the song is an experience. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I recommend it. THAT’S WHY. (: AND, if having your heart rate controlled by instrumental arrangements isn’t a good enough reason for you, then consider THIS: you can get their entire album, “Quill,” for free HERE on Noisetrade and love the whole album. Just don’t forget to leave a tip, no matter the size!

PS: They are on a nice, long US tour so go see them because your computer can’t play this loudly enough and you’ll need to hear it live.

where you can get it: .bandcamp.  .itunes. .amazon. .The Last Bison.  


Weekly Ditty #1

31 Aug
(Every week, Lizzy and Anna are going to post a song that they adore. a song they want the rest of the world to fall in love with… a song that deserves a proper listening to.  Enjoy! )




Song: In the Waves

Artist: Bess Rogers

Why should you listen to it:Off Bess’debut fan-funded album entitled Out Of the Ocean,  this beautiful track is situated near the end of one of my favorites records… ever. I’m going to tell you to do something. Do you trust me? I promise, it will pay off. It will enhance your listening experience. Pinky promise you will, okay?

1. Close your eyes. 2. Forget your worries and problems for the next four minutes. 3. Press play.

The song begins with a drone (used to mimic the feeling of being underwater – one of many instrumental choices used in the song to do so) and leads into a beautiful guitar pattern repeated throughout. It is soothing really, almost like a lullaby. Bess begins to sing… and that’s it. You are completely entranced by everything. Bess sings the verse with a vocal tone that makes you want to cry (in a good way). Listening to her voice accompanied by the simple guitar and piano… the emotions are just spewing into your ears. Spewing is not a good word, but really. The music builds–a perfect crescendo into the bridge. The drone swells, the piano gets louder, a swirling of ‘oooohs’, it is hauntingly beautiful. Everything intensifies and you can feel it… in your soul. I get goosebumps every time. Just as quickly as it came, the bridge is over, and you are brought back to the familiar guitar pattern and voice that you fell in love with at first. You guys…this song… just listen to it. Then buy the album. Then fall in mermaid love. Go forth and live in the waves.

side-note: you may hear some familiar voices in the bridge (her good friends Ingrid Michaelson and Allie Moss )

where can you get it:  .bandcamp.  .itunes. .amazon. .bess.