Sara Bareilles is making a new record!

27 Feb

Sara fans know, somewhat unofficially, that Sara has been in New York recording her next masterpiece.

BUT,  an official “teaser” has finally been released on her website. How thrilled are all you Sara Bareilles fans out there!?!


What new songs do you think will make to cut for the record? Perhaps ‘Only Shadows’?



What about ‘I Just Want You’?





In The Waves (Live) – by Bess Rogers

19 Feb

Here is a soothing little mermaid lullaby. Bess Rogers and Chris Kuffner recently recorded a live version of Bess’ song ‘In The Waves’. The beautiful video was shot by the lovely and super talented, Kristen Winter.


A Great Big World on Stageit!

8 Feb

Hi everyone! I hope you have awesome plans for the coming weekend. I am sitting at home sipping hot tea. A huge Nor’easter is headed my way. I’m writing to let you know that A Great Big World will be performing a show on Stageit. Stageit is a website where artists can stream live performances to their fans around the world. Come watch a show from the comfort of you own house! how cool is that!?!

who: A Great Big World

what: Stageit live show

when: Sunday February 10th @ 3pm EST


click here to buy tickets!

New Music Tuesdays

30 Jan

Allison Weiss released her single ‘Making It Up’ today! It is a track off her upcoming record being released this spring. Take a listen to the rockin’ track below! you can get the song via the internet, OR a super rad 7″ vinyl. You can also snag a copy of an alternate version of the song- acoustic guitar, drums, and sweet horns. Get it now! Ready…. GO!

iTunes. Amazon. Bandcamp. No Sleep Records. 

Weekly Ditty #5

10 Jan
(Each week, Lizzy and Anna are going to post a song that they adore. a song they want the rest of the world to fall in love with… a song that deserves a proper listening to.  Enjoy! )


Song: Letters to Julie Anne

Artist: Danna Richards



Danna is a youtuber, and an internet friend of mine. She started her YouTube career with an ambitious ”song a day” project in which she wrote and performed a new song every day. That, my friends, is a remarkable undertaking. She now has hundreds of gems on YouTube, (about 300… WOW). I’ve been a fan of hers since the beginning of the project, and I am so happy to have been. She is great. Absolutely wonderful.

‘Letters to Julie Anne’ is just one of the many gems. It is a beautiful acoustic masterpiece. Instrumentally, the song is simple – a guitar and her voice.  The song begins with strumming on the guitar. Danna starts to sing. Her voice is delicate, but just builds as you get to the chorus. She belts out the chorus in contrast to the verse. Lyrically, the song is beautiful. It is a very well written – very poetic:


“letters to Julie Anne. Letters I couldn’t stamp. Words laced in kerosene, they wouldn’t do anything, but burn her hands”


The dynamic changes between the verses and choruses pull the listener in, and spark an interest in the song. They really emphasize the emotions of the words. You can really feel what she is singing about. Overall, the song is beautiful. Danna’s vocals are remarkable. She is a rock star.


where you can get it: no where technically… but send her a little message or comment on facebook / twitter / youtube,  and I’m sure she could work something out. She’s a total sweetheart.

Peace and love y’all!


I was interviewed!?!

14 Dec

Hey there!

I forgot to post this to the blog! A while back (last summer), I did some street team shenanigans (you can see the video I made in our videos section) for Lelia Broussard! she was playing at Cafe939 at Berklee College of Music. One of their team members interviewed me about my expereinces there, and about online street teaming in geneal. HOW COOL IS THAT!?