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I was interviewed!?!

14 Dec

Hey there!

I forgot to post this to the blog! A while back (last summer), I did some street team shenanigans (you can see the video I made in our videos section) for Lelia Broussard! she was playing at Cafe939 at Berklee College of Music. One of their team members interviewed me about my expereinces there, and about online street teaming in geneal. HOW COOL IS THAT!?


Our Cityscapes: A Video for Katie Costello

30 Aug

Katie Costello is frustratingly inspirational. Seriously, my life stops and starts all over again every time I listen to her music. It makes me lose my mind, or at least wish I would/could. It reminds me that life will happen no matter what. It reassures me that I can exist in any way that is desirable to me in any given moment. I want to sit down one by one with every person alive and listen to her records and experience/fall in love with them all over again with each person. (is that weird? yes.)

My appreciation of Katie’s music led me to find a way to spread her music farther out into the world than it reached when I came across it. Once I met some people to do that with, Lizzy and I worked with some of them to make a video to remind Katie how important she is to all of us and thank her for being everything that she is. This project was built via the internet, across continents, and was inspired by this song and Katie’s impact on our lives.

Musicians like Katie Costello are a rare and wonderful gift. The gratitude I feel for knowing humans like her could possibly cause my little heart to explode.