About Us

Anna is an 18-year old girl living in Portland, Oregon. As a first grader, I (Lizzy) used to pronounce it ” or- ah- gone”. anyway,  she’s pretty rad, and enjoys cool music and stuff. Anna has a knack for everything internet-based and she is going to school to study music thing like business/history/etc.  She owns an accordion, so that’s pretty awesome right?  Also, her cat is named Lasagna. Anna is basically a cool cat… dare I say, cooler than Lasagna?  -Lizzy

Lizzy is a 22-year-old girl living in Salem, New Hampshire. If you haven’t read the crucible, you may think Lizzy is a witch. But she isn’t, that would be Salem, Massachusetts you’re thinking of. She is, however, completely obsessed with music. If you are a talented indie musician she has probably stalked you. Don’t be afraid though, she’s awesome.   -Anna



About Us


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