Show Review // Katie Herzig & Amy Stroup

17 Apr

Hey there everyone! I went to a wonderful show last weekend. I’ve gone to a couple shows since arriving in Portland (It’s not a myth you guys. Portland is real. And it’s just like Portlandia) but I haven’t had much time to update the blog. I’m going to change that though. So many cool and exciting music things happening right now. ANYWAY… The show was at a super cool place right on Burnside, Doug Fir Lounge. Just an eight minute bike ride from home, it was extremely convenient to get to. It is a super rad underground (literally) venue that hosts a variety of live performances almost every night. The walls have tree rings and it feels like you are sipping your drink whilst listening/watching to music IN a tree (Doug Fir, get it?).


Singer/Songwriter Amy Stroup opened the show with a rocking tune complete with heys and catchy ohhs. ‘Finally Found Our Way’ is also the first track on her new record entitled Tunnel. As I write this, I am listening to it. Honestly, Tunnel and Ingrid Michaelson’s new record Lights Out have been on repeat for a few days. I had not listened to her stuff before the show and it was a pleasant surprise. Such a talent. Her sweet voice packed the ballads with an emotional punch. Don’t let that fool you though. She brings her rock songs to life. dancing. guitar shredding and dancing. Also, throwing a copy of Tunnel, recorded on tape, into the crowd. She was great. She is one of the sweetest humans. If you enjoy people like Katie Costello, Lelia Broussard, or Bess Rogers, you will enjoy Amy’s tunes. Also, she is Sugar of the band Sugar & The Hi Lows.























Katie Herzig was such a treat. This was my first time seeing her live. Her new record, Walk Through Walls, was released last Tuesday. She played a bunch of new songs from the record while also throwing in a few of her staple oldies. It  was a great show. Katie  has a very unique and interesting sound. It’s really hard to explain what it sounds like – pop,electronic,dancable, beautiful… Her set was a big party on stage! She had a stellar band that included drums, synths, guitar, keyboard, and CELLO! I’m a sucker for strings.She has such a power to her voice. When she sang ‘Forgiveness’, it was awe-inspiring. Katie Herzig has talent emanating from her entire being. It was such a wonderful experience to see/hear the brand new tunes performed and she was very grateful and excited to share them with us. ‘Hey Na Na’ had the audience laughing and dancing along. Everyone sang along to ‘Lost And Found’ and it was one of the coolest moment. I am so glad I got to see Katie. She has been playing in my ears forever and it was cool to see her perform. Despite my awkwardness when she signed my CD for me, I had one of the greatest night. Ever.











The VIP of the night goes to Jordan Hamlin. She is a crazy talented human playing in Katie Herzig’s touring band. She also plays with Vienna Teng and that is when I first witnessed her greatness. She is a jack-of-all trades instrument-wise. Electronic drum pad. Synth. Vocals. Clarinet. French Horn. Guitar. She played them all. She is a total rock star. She is this former marching band nerd’s hero.













Both Katie and Amy had new records released recently. You can grab copies of the on iTunes / Amazon or go to your local music selling establishment.


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