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Sara Bareilles is making a new record!

27 Feb

Sara fans know, somewhat unofficially, that Sara has been in New York recording her next masterpiece.

BUT,  an official “teaser” has finally been released on her website. How thrilled are all you Sara Bareilles fans out there!?!


What new songs do you think will make to cut for the record? Perhaps ‘Only Shadows’?



What about ‘I Just Want You’?





In The Waves (Live) – by Bess Rogers

19 Feb

Here is a soothing little mermaid lullaby. Bess Rogers and Chris Kuffner recently recorded a live version of Bess’ song ‘In The Waves’. The beautiful video was shot by the lovely and super talented, Kristen Winter.


A Great Big World on Stageit!

8 Feb

Hi everyone! I hope you have awesome plans for the coming weekend. I am sitting at home sipping hot tea. A huge Nor’easter is headed my way. I’m writing to let you know that A Great Big World will be performing a show on Stageit. Stageit is a website where artists can stream live performances to their fans around the world. Come watch a show from the comfort of you own house! how cool is that!?!

who: A Great Big World

what: Stageit live show

when: Sunday February 10th @ 3pm EST


click here to buy tickets!