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Weekly Ditty #1

31 Aug
(Every week, Lizzy and Anna are going to post a song that they adore. a song they want the rest of the world to fall in love with… a song that deserves a proper listening to.  Enjoy! )




Song: In the Waves

Artist: Bess Rogers

Why should you listen to it:Off Bess’debut fan-funded album entitled Out Of the Ocean,  this beautiful track is situated near the end of one of my favorites records… ever. I’m going to tell you to do something. Do you trust me? I promise, it will pay off. It will enhance your listening experience. Pinky promise you will, okay?

1. Close your eyes. 2. Forget your worries and problems for the next four minutes. 3. Press play.

The song begins with a drone (used to mimic the feeling of being underwater – one of many instrumental choices used in the song to do so) and leads into a beautiful guitar pattern repeated throughout. It is soothing really, almost like a lullaby. Bess begins to sing… and that’s it. You are completely entranced by everything. Bess sings the verse with a vocal tone that makes you want to cry (in a good way). Listening to her voice accompanied by the simple guitar and piano… the emotions are just spewing into your ears. Spewing is not a good word, but really. The music builds–a perfect crescendo into the bridge. The drone swells, the piano gets louder, a swirling of ‘oooohs’, it is hauntingly beautiful. Everything intensifies and you can feel it… in your soul. I get goosebumps every time. Just as quickly as it came, the bridge is over, and you are brought back to the familiar guitar pattern and voice that you fell in love with at first. You guys…this song… just listen to it. Then buy the album. Then fall in mermaid love. Go forth and live in the waves.

side-note: you may hear some familiar voices in the bridge (her good friends Ingrid Michaelson and Allie Moss )

where can you get it:  .bandcamp.  .itunes. .amazon. .bess.  



Our Cityscapes: A Video for Katie Costello

30 Aug

Katie Costello is frustratingly inspirational. Seriously, my life stops and starts all over again every time I listen to her music. It makes me lose my mind, or at least wish I would/could. It reminds me that life will happen no matter what. It reassures me that I can exist in any way that is desirable to me in any given moment. I want to sit down one by one with every person alive and listen to her records and experience/fall in love with them all over again with each person. (is that weird? yes.)

My appreciation of Katie’s music led me to find a way to spread her music farther out into the world than it reached when I came across it. Once I met some people to do that with, Lizzy and I worked with some of them to make a video to remind Katie how important she is to all of us and thank her for being everything that she is. This project was built via the internet, across continents, and was inspired by this song and Katie’s impact on our lives.

Musicians like Katie Costello are a rare and wonderful gift. The gratitude I feel for knowing humans like her could possibly cause my little heart to explode.


Show Review: Brenden James/Lelia Broussard/Brian Jarvis

29 Aug

Hello internet, Lizzy here…
last weekend, I attended a show in Boston. I went to the Red Room @ Cafe 939, a small intimate venue run by Berklee College of Music. One of my favorite artists( well… person in general) was playing that night- the lovely Miss Lelia Broussard!

I found out Lelia would be playing in Boston weeks before hand, and I was anxiously counting down the days. I was texting a countdown to Anna because we love her equally as much. A week before the show, Cafe 939 contacted me after seeing one of my street teaming videos for lelia. They wanted to know if I was willing to make another one to promote the upcoming show. Of course I said yes. I grabbed my awkward self, an awesome camera person, and made some fliers with Lelia’s face on them. Here is the video of that awesome day!

Anyway, that night, I got to the venue a little late unfortunately. Usually I am up front, but I was more towards the middle. Even though I was farther than usual, I could still squeeze my way through to get a good view (oh, the trials of being a shorty… not that kind you guys).

Brian Jarvis performed first. He was pretty great! Funny, super talented, and the harmonies between him and his percussionist were rockin’!

Then, lelia went on. Seeing her up there made me so excited! I love listening to her play. It was a mellower set because she did not have a full band with her. Instead, it was just Lelia, her guitar, and her beautiful voice. The first time I saw her, she was with her band, so it was a change… but I loved it.

She opened with ‘Masqurade’ , the song that her most recent album was titled after. She threw in some other gems off of Masqurade (like ‘Satellite’ and ‘Shoot For the Moon’). She has such a great energy when she plays. You can tell she is having the time of her life up there. After a few of those, she played a new song. She said she was going to play a request. i remembered that I had requested ‘Something True’ a couple days ago via twitter. Lelia stated to sing ‘Something True’… acappella. HOLY WOW. I’ve always been impressed by her voice… but listening/watching her belt out the beginning to ‘Something True’ was amazing. She has so much power behind her voice… something that you can’t really tell on her studio recordings. She is such a talent. After ‘Something True’, she lightened the mood with a pop medley- it included ‘Say My Name’, ‘Ignition Remix’, and even ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry! Lelia closed the show with ‘My Heart’s a Cannonball’. She had so much fun with the song. The audience sang along—it was a great experience.

Brendan James was the headliner. Most of the people in the audience were there to see him. I had never heard of him before the show, but Iwish I had. He played with a piano-driven rock feel. He put on a real fun show. There was a lot of energy in his performance & people were dancing. It was a real party!

After the show was over, my friend and I headed over to the merch table to pick up some souvenirs (;

We then got a chance to talk with Lelia for a bit. She is an absolute sweetheart. She told me she loved the video I made. We talked about the show and just chatted. Before I left, I got a picture and she signed my ukulele (: It was great. In addition to talking with Lelia, I recognized the drummer for Brendan. he was, the one and only, Craig Meyer (Craig is a great drummer, and also plays with Rachel Platten, whom I love to pieces). I caught him and we talked for a bit. He wanted to see my uke, we talked about Rachel’s new stuff coming out, (which according to Craig, kicks butt, and is so great), and just chatted. Lelia came over and made silly faces behind his back while we talked. She’s is the greatest. I said a quick hello to Brendan before my friend and I headed out. Lelia caught us before we left, she wanted to say goodbye. We got more hugs, I told her I couldn’t wait to see her on my tv (*hint* the voice on nbc). Overall, it was such a wonderful experience. Live music is basically… what I live for. Being able to watch someone having so much fun onstage, it’s really a great time. I highly recommend anyone to go see Lelia live ( or any artist really…). She was a sweetheart, and such a fun person to talk to.

Rad! Awesome!

here is a video with most of the songs from that night.